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History of Dye-Sublimation Technologies

1989 SP5500
SP5500,SP2200,SP3500 Established thermal head heat control technology and dye-sublimation printing technology Released full-color A3 dye-sub printer for color proofing. (SP5500)
Standard color proofing printer for pre-press market.
1991 CP910 CP910 Released card printer using dye-sub technology.
High quality printing on PVC cards. Supply to printing units "registration Card of foreign resident" in Japan.
1993 CP510 CP510 Released Desktop card printer (Direct dye-sub printing).
World's first desktop card printer.
1996 CP410 CP410 Released Small footprint Desktop card printer (Direct dye-sub printing).
Low-cost desktop card printer for on-demand printing.
1997 CPX10000
CPX10000,PPX10000 Established re-transfer printing technology. Released Re-transfer Dye-sub printer for cards and booklets.
World's first re-transfer printing with high security. Supply to printing units for "ID of Olympic Games", " ID of summit meeting", "Passport" and so on.
1998 CP710 CP710 Released smaller foot print re-transfer Dye-sub printer.
World"s first desktop re-transfer printer.
2002 CX210 CX210 Released low-cost re-transfer dye-sub card printer.
Suitable for mid-large size ID card projects. Supply to the units for "Resident card" in Japan.
2005 CL-500 CL-500 Released compact design, in-line laminator.
Combination connected with printer with in-line high speed lamination.
CX-120 CX-120 Released low-cost Dye-Sublimation direct print card printer.
Realize fastest print speed 180 cards/ hour with high quality printing by low cost.
CX-320 CX-320 Released brand new re-transfer dye-sub card printer.
Successor model of CX210. Realize advanced print quality and easy operation, high speed data transfer by USB 2.0 interface.
2007 CX-330 CX-330 Released brand new re-transfer dye-sub card printer.
Enhanced information security function.Dual interface supports various system configurations.
2010 CX-7000 CX-7000 Released low-cost re-transfer dye-sub card printer.
Compact, High security with rubust body.Versatile configuration to meet various application.
CF-L700 CF-L700 Released compact single-sided and Double-sided laminator.
Integrated connection with CX-7000 series card printer.Single-sided and Double-sided models are avaialble.
2014 CX-7600 CX-7600 Released low-cost re-transfer dye-sub card printer.
Compact Dye-sublimation type re-transfer card printer with high resolution of 600 dpi.
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